A Public Service Corporation Dainippon Hotokusya


Dainippon Hotokusya. is the headquarters of the national organization for spreading the "teachings of Hotoku" of Ninomiya Sontoku. We provide a visit to the auditorium, the school dormitory, the memorial hall, the school, the main gate, the library built around the Meiji Period. And We also do various lecture meetings.


Greeting from the company’s president

”Hotokusya plaza” tells history, culture and Hotoku from Kakegawa city assisting in lifelong learning


(A Public Service Corporation) The president Junichi Shinmura


Hotoku Movement is a campaign which aims to promote the harmony between "morality" and "economy". And it aims to disseminate Hotoku’s thought advocated by Ninomiya Sontoku (1787 to 1856) during the dawn of modernization of Japan before and after the Meiji Restoration. Its method and philosophy spread throughout the country.

"The teaching of Hotoku" is a story of his thoughts on his life as a human being through the life and practice of his lifetime. And it is passed down to posterity as a model.

Its systematic philosophy is expressed in the four principles of Hotoku, "Sincerity, Work, Living considering average and Concession,". In particular, the teaching of “Living considering average” is to make good use of human and nature, human beings, history, relationships among humans, and contributing to society. The headquarters of the whole country that is spreading its teachings is "Dai Nippon Hotokusya."

We repaired valuable six buildings (the auditorium, the school dormitory, the memorial hall, the school, the main gate, the library) over about 20 years. Plus, it received designated important cultural property and prefectural cultural property, and the site of 4 thousand square meters was cleanly arranged, and it became a harsh clean space.
The repair cost of about 730 million yen was completed by the prefectural and municipal subsidies as well as by the Tanni Hotokusya and employees. We will utilize the teachings of Hotoku for human resource development and town planning, as a catalyst for reviewing our way of living for people to live prosperously and to teach us how to make people live richly living I will tell you important things.

From now on, we need to direct culture of plaza (plaza) in local cities as well, so I would like to grow the Hotokusya plaza which talks about Hotoku and Kinjiro Ninomiya from the Kakegawa of lifelong learning .

If you can go out with your family, friends etc. I will wait for everyone's coming so that they will gather and flower will bloom in the story as they come close to you.